Practice makes perfect

Located on the scenic campus of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, our annual Science Olympiad invitational tournament offers your Division C team an exciting experience to sharpen your Science Olympiad skills. Though our tournament serves teams across the nation, we’re proudly local and support the growth of every team. Science Olympiad means as much to us as it does to you, and we’ll take every chance we can to make our tournament fun and enjoyable.

Two partners sit side by side, taking a Science Olympiad test together.

Two partners examine a paper with a diagram of a vehicle.

Six volunteers at the 2023 Carolina Science Olympiad tournament pose for a photograph in front of a blackboard with the words Cell Biology written on it.

Volunteer with us

We’re a group of college students who love science outreach. For some of us, Science Olympiad changed our lives. For others, it’s a chance to engage and educate the next generation of STEM. And all of us are excited to to present new Science Olympiad opportunities in the beautiful Tar Heel State.

Are you a UNC student? We love science. And so do you! So come connect with us and other Science Olympiad alumni across Carolina. It’s the perfect place to meet friends, volunteer, and help engage the next generation of STEM!

See us in action

We’re currently planning for our 2024 tournament for January 27th, and your team is invited! Curious, but not sure yet? Watch our 2022 tournament interview video to see what we’re all about!